"To be the best in what we do, in the environment that we know so well."

-Azfar Hasan


MTAR LLC caters to select clientele manufacturing for many global brands. MTAR develops a strategy as unique as the client. We then ensure that the linkages and relationships are not only monitored to meet and exceed expectations, but also to keep evolving to higher levels of performance over time. We strive for continuous improvement.





After years of manufacturing we have keyed in on what we do best. Our manufacturing focus is very narrow to Pakistan and Guatemala, for specific reasons

  • Pakistan: We primarily manufacture fleece, jersey, bottom weight wovens. Value added production, full embellishment capabilities, and an extremely diverse product range. Duty free to our EU clients and a focus on client specific initiatives.
  • Guatemala: We focus on speed to market knits delivering to the US in as little as 35 days full package. In Guatemala we stock 20/1 to 32/1 yarns so we can enhance our speed to market capabilities.  With Duty Free to USA under CAFTA this is a great quick turn manufacturing option.


FOB, CIF, LDP, DDP, DOOR TO DOOR, we are happy to work in most inco-terms as the range of clients we work with are very large to small and we are flexible to their needs. Currently we ship to over 27 different countries worldwide, and 6 of the 7 continents.

Client Specific:

Each client has different needs and operations. We work with many buying offices out of HK, EU and USA. Our merchandisers in Pakistan, Guatemala and USA are all ready to support our clients with different levels of service depending on our clients setup.

MTAR Team:


            Our team has intimate knowledge of the textile and garment manufacturing industry. Having over 17+ years of experience working from in family owned factories to running operations from in our USA office, We are well versed in the apparel supply chain management process.

            Our USA team oversees all aspects of operations, directs our teams in country of origin, personally managing client relationships and meeting new clients face-to-face. We thrive on understanding our clients’ needs and creating a solution that best fits their needs.


Where we're located

MTAR LLC has production facilities in USA, Pakistan, and Guatemala. We ship to over 27 countries throughout the world.