Our Products

Every production run we make is unique with some of our clients in Europe developing 14 seasons a year. This is the trend we see, that fast fashion will continue to drive product development cycles.



We specialize in value added knit tops with an emphasis on garments with a true soul, a story…

Range of 100-600 GSM weights:

  • Yarn: Cotton, Heathers, Pima, Giza, Organic, Polyester, Nylon, Lycra, etc
  • Knit Structures: Jersey, Pique, Fleece, Terry, Plated Jersey, Interlock, Mesh, Tri Blend, Yarn-Dyes and many other more specialized types.
  • Washing: Aesthetic and Performance based washes, including: enzyme, stone, suede, pigment, sand, white seam, spraying, dip dye, wicking, water repellent,  and many others.
  • One of our core strengths is in the finishing of product. Through close working relationships we understand each brand’s inherent aesthetic, allowing the end garments to achieve their intended presentation.

We are constantly working to develop new washes and processing techniques to give garments a unique presentation to meet our buyer’s requirements and also help them dream of new techniques and innovations. "We have to constantly be reinvesting in our product, our people and our technology to be on the leading edge of what we do," JT Nana


Range of 5.5-10.5 ounce weights:

We produce woven's for a broad range of clientele. From more basic price sensitive accounts to specialized fashion oriented runs.

  • Yarn: 100% cotton, Cotton/Poly Blends, Cotton/Lycra Blends, Cotton Linen, etc.
  • Weave Structures: Twills, Poplins, Canvas, Herringbone, Ribs, Dobby.
  • Washing: Stone, Enzyme, Bleach, Silicon, Garment dye with vintage finish and many others.


The denim landscape has been shifting from coast to coast. The quality of a pair of jeans depends on the ability to produce great fabrics, sew it well, but most importantly finish it in many different ways that reflect current trends and subtle chic looks.

Range of 6 – 13 ounce weights:

  • Yarn: 100% cotton open end, ring spun, poly core spun, spandex core spun, T-400, Tensile and many other more specialized options.
  • Weave Structures: LHT, RHT, Broken Twill, Slub, & several other comfort stretch/rigid types.
  • Washing: Stone, Enzyme, Rinse, 3D, Bleach, Whiskers, Hand sanding, Sprays, Rubber ball, Silicon, Resin Crunching and Coating, Grinding, Repair, Destroy, Marble effect, and numerous other fashion finishes.
  • Specialty: Colored, yarn-dyed, over-dyed, cross hatch, reversible denims.

The mills regularly prepare Jeanology, which is a collection each season to reflect coming trends and the application of these to fabrics and finishes. New ideas get discussed during these road show meetings. We organize these for our European and US clients on a seasonal basis.